English Day


Our English Day is here! Let's have fun!

Dear families,

On Friday 31st March we will celebrate our English Day at school, full of activities and surprises in English!

We’ve chosen an English spoken country. This year, we will work on UNITED KINGDOM. Please, don’t forget wearing blue, white or red!

We'll start the day sharing a song, a dance and pictures!

The students of Infantil Education will enjoy the play in English Tom thumb.

The students of Primary Education will enjoy a gymkhana, participating in mixed groups, and all of them will have to pass several challenges.

The school canteen service joins our proposal and will also offer a very English menu! Do you like fish and chips?

We appreciate your cooperation and we are at your disposal for any questions you may wish to consult!

Yours faithfully,

Patricia Pinilla i Dani Rodellas

English teachers