On September 27, we launched new measures that last over time.
Environment Classroom

Tiziana School, September 27, 2019.

Today's Global Climate Wave is celebrated on September 27, 2019, in order to demand that global warming and exaggerated climate change be stopped.

We, the 6th grade students, the Environment class, adhered to this strike day by doing this manifesto and proposing to all schoolmates, new measures to improve efficiency energy of our center.

There are three easy measures that we can meet:

Use natural light and turn on artificial lights only when necessary. Remember that whenever we leave the classroom, the lights, the computer and the projector must be turned off.
Close the doors of the classroom and the corridor when the heating is on.
Use only the necessary water and not wasting it.

We believe that with some effort, among all, we can achieve not using energy and resources in an unnecessary way.

We want to make you aware that by carrying out these measures, we will help the Environment, Climate Change and our environment.

The small changes are powerful!

Environmental Class (6th EP).