PARTICIPATES! Submit your application, until 15/11.
VOTE! The school belongs to everyone. On 24/11, at 8.45 and at 16.15.

Dear families,

The school board of the center is the collegiate participation of the school community in the government center. In the school board are represented all groups involved in the educational community.

In public schools, the school board's main function is to discuss all issues important for the functioning and organization of the center: the Educational Project, Plan and Annual Report center, the budget and the settlement of Standards Organization and Operation Center, innovation projects, the school calendar...

The school board meets mandatorily center once a quarter and whenever it summons the director of the center or requested by at least one third of its individual members. In addition, there is a meeting at the beginning of the year and one completion.

People of the school board are elected for a period of four years and are renewed by halves every two years. Therefore, this year the school has renewed half the members elected from the (parents and legal guardians and teachers). We inform you that there are two places you need to renew the sector of parents and guardians / students is legal.
The election process began on 5 November 2018, which is why you do get the call for these elections.

We encourage you to submit your application if you believe that your contributions are interesting and you show concerns to be part of this government body that aims to improve the functioning of the school, among other functions. You can file your application from Tuesday, November 2, 2021 until Monday, November 15, 2021 by completing the appropriate form that will be handed to the secretariat of the school.

I ask you to read carefully the attached call and remind you that we are at your disposal to clarify any questions you want.

Gemma Perez

Tiana, 2 November 2021