XII Creativity week


The crazy week of the course is coming!
Ready to receive the Carnival King and Queen? Fun activities, creative crafts and madness orders will make us be very busy!

Dear families,

We want to inform you that at the school we are already preparing the XII Creative Week on the occasion of the traditional Carnival festival.

We want you to keep in mind the following dates to facilitate your organization.

    The Creative Week will begin on Thursday, February 24 (THURSDAY GRAS) and will end on Wednesday, March 2 (Ash Wednesday).
    At school we will make a small FEAST OF FESTIVAL for all students. It will be on Friday, February 9, in the afternoon. To prevent your children from being uncomfortable all day, to facilitate them to go to the bathroom independently and for their costumes to be in good condition, the students will have to come dressed up ONLY in the afternoon. So:

- If your children are going to have lunch at home, either because they do it normally or because it is a special day, they will have to come disguised at 2:45 p.m.

- If your children are left to have lunch at school, in the morning they will have to wear a bag MARKED WITH THE NAME in disguise (avoid small supplements to avoid losses). At lunchtime, after lunch, the dining instructors and the teachers will help you disguise them.

For any questions, please contact the guardians of your children.

Yours faithfully,

Team of teachers

Tiana, February 18th, 2022