NEWS FOR 21-22

Quickly find out what's new for this course in relation to the Covid-19 Pandemic Organization Plan.

Dear families,

Although this school year, once again, we have to carry out a new Organizational Plan in relation to the Covid-19, this year there are some news that are of interest to you and allow us, very slightly, to relax some measures. which will be a benefit to all and sundry.

Below we leave you with the detail of the most significant changes! This means that the rest of the situations and actions that are not mentioned will remain the same as the previous year.

1. The entrances and exits will continue to be staggered and the 4 entrances to the school will be maintained to avoid congestion. The novelty in this case is that Early Childhood Education students will no longer have to wear a mask to enter and leave the center. Yes, you will need to carry a mask in your backpack, properly stored in a case, in case it is needed at some point in the school day in an exceptional way.

2. Primary Education students, for now, must wear a mask throughout the school day, except for playgrounds, if they are with the stable group, and in physical education sessions.

3. Early Childhood Education students will keep the playgrounds stable and sectored. Primary Education students will do so for 3 days a week, they can only be in the sectored yard that touches them by rotation and without a mask. The other two days of the week, the playground for Primary students will be free to move, having breakfast in the classroom and going out to the playground with a mask. In this way we aim to improve their well-being and social relationships.

4. Although the start meetings with the families and the interviews will be held in telematic format preferably, we start the participation of the families in the classroom again! Therefore, the activity of the protagonist of the week for the families of P3 and the participation in oral presentations for the rest of the families will be developed normally again. Unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in the festivities as we did before, you will have to wait longer.

5. The dining service will function as last year, also occupying the library space to give more distance between stable groups. Students can resume the tasks of collaboration and responsibility and will be able to set the table for their group.

6. Although the Organization Plan does not require it this year, Tiana City Council will contract the cleaning service during school hours in a two-hour period. In this way we can guarantee the hygiene and disinfection of the most crowded toilets and spaces.

For now, these are the news, although we will update this information if there are variations in the coming days.

We wish you a fantastic start to the course! Here we go!