This Center Organization Plan aims to lay the foundations so that the 2021-2022 academic year can be resumed with the maximum guarantees and the minimum risks that can be assumed, seeking the balance between health protection and quality education.

Under the motto Open schools, safe schools, the Departments of Education and Health have applied a series of protocols that, thanks to the effort, commitment and involvement of the educational community, highlighting the great work of teaching teams around the world, have resulting in a very positive balance of the impact that Covid-19 has had on schools.

This Plan of organization of center tries to establish the bases so that the course 2021-2022 can be carried out with the maximum guarantees, that look for the balance between protection of the health of the people in the educational centers, the correct management of the pandemic and the right of all children and young people to a quality education.

The Department of Education, in the Instructions published on June 30, 2020, states that:

Despite the pandemic, all children and adolescents must have access to education on an equal footing.
Learning in schools must be able to continue as normally as possible, following health instructions, and guaranteeing the social function of education.
The school must be a safe environment with minimal risk.
Through the proposed measures, schools must be able to contribute to the control of the epidemic and the rapid identification of cases and contacts.

The health of students, teachers and other school workers is a priority for the Departments of Education and Health. All measures are aimed at reducing the transmission of the virus and improving the traceability of cases and contacts.