NEWS FOR 22-23!

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Dear families,

This school year returns to normal after two courses guided by the Organizational Plan that has sought to ensure the minimum acceptable risks in terms of health and protection, due to the pandemic by Covid-19.

Below we leave you with the detail of the most significant changes!

1. Entries and exits WILL NOT BE STEPPED! The school schedule will be the usual and the ENTRANCE AND DEPARTURE DOORS also change. Check the details at ENTRIES AND DEPARTURES!

2. Neither students nor the work team will wear masks. In any case, we will follow the instructions determined by the Department of Health.

Masks ONLY will be mandatory, from Primary 1 onwards, on school transport.

3. At leisure, the courtyards will be free to move.

4. The beginning of the school year meetings with the families will resume their face-to-face format. Interviews may be conducted in person or online, with prior agreement between the parties.

5. The dining room service will operate normally and will only occupy the space offered by the dining room.

6. The library will be back in operation and will be one of the spaces enabled at leisure time. The loan service for all Primary students will also be resumed.

7. There are variations in what students need to bring to school. Please see the WHAT TO BRING TO SCHOOL section.


As announced by the Department of Education, the start of the 2022-2023 school year has been brought forward to Monday 5 September in schools and Wednesday 7 September in institutes.

The aim of the measure is to rationalize the school calendar, promote equity and facilitate family reconciliation. It is for this reason that it will be guaranteed to maintain the usual course schedule for all students.

The course will start on September 5 and, until September 30, the schedule for the students will be intensive, that is, from 8.45 to 12.45 pm. The canteen service will offer attention to students during the following 2.5 hour slot, from 12.45 to 3.15 pm.

The Department of Education has planned for the centers to schedule educational leisure activities in the afternoon time slot for all students, from 3.15 to 4.15 p.m. These activities will be free and will promote the work of cognitive, social and emotional skills.

The management will be done by the company that brings the midday time to the center, Eumaserveis, and has prepared a planning of activities.

We wish you a fantastic start to the course! Here we go!