Educational project

Law 12/2009, dated July 10, on education (article 91) establishes that all centers linked to the Education Service of Catalonia must have an Educational Project. The centers of the Catalan education system must collect the guiding principles of the educational system that are established in article 2 of Law 12/2009. In addition, the centers of public ownership must include the specific principles that are established in article 93 of the Law 12/2009.

The Educational Project, which is the ultimate expression of the autonomy of the centers, picks up the identity of the center, explains the objectives, directs the activity and makes sense so that the students reach the basic competences and the maximum educational advantage, in accordance with the framework provided by Decree 102/2010, of August 3, on the autonomy of educational centers, which places decision-making in the center's scope to strengthen the school institution and leadership educational

The Center Educational Project is the strategic document framework of the school institution that defines the operation in the curricular, organizational, economic management and personnel management, adapted to the reality of the students and the environment. In this sense, it concretizes, interprets and applies the forecasts of the current regulations to the characteristics characteristic of the center, in accordance with the educational needs of the students and the objectives of the center.

In a synthetic way, the Center Educational Project must include the following elements: Institutional definition: the identity of the center, its own character, its characteristics, the contextual elements and the educational needs of the students. Goals of the center: priorities and educational approaches in terms of equity and excellence, coeducation, coexistence, inclusion and attention to diversity. Criteria for the specification and development of the curricula, the pedagogical organization, the organizational structure itself, the aspects related to the uniqueness of the center's lessons, the learning of coexistence, the collaboration between the community sectors educational, the relation of the center with the social environment and, in the case of the public centers, its implications in the definition of places of the teaching staff with singular professional profiles.

The Educational Project is the document mother on which all the other projects and documents that will be specified in all its fields must be erected and adapted to the changing needs of the educational event.

The Management Project, as established in article 23 of Decree 155/2010, of November 2, of the direction of the public educational centers and the professional teaching staff, must order the deployment and application of the PE during its period of validity.

The NOFC (Organization and Operations Regulations of the Center) regulates organizational and operational aspects in the field of government, pedagogy, social and administrative.

The Center's Language Project collects the treatment of languages ​​at the center in accordance with the current regulations, which are based on the sociolinguistic reality of the environment.

The TAC Plan encompasses the criteria for the planning of the deployment and the insertion of digital technologies in the educational, administrative and communicative fields.

The Annual Plan and the Annual Report are documents that annually give life to the other projects. Its function is to specify and evaluate the proposals to achieve the objectives set.

In the public centers it is up to the director to formulate the initial proposal of the Educational Project and to make the corresponding modifications and adaptations, to promote the elaboration, guaranteeing the participation of the school community and approving the final proposal. The professors' cloister - the organ of participation of teachers in the control and management of the organization of educational activities and all the educational aspects of the center - is involved in the preparation, modification and updating of the PE and approves the pedagogical aspects of the management documents of the center.

The PE is a document accessible to the entire community and is disseminated through the web of the center. The PE guides and links the actions of all the members of the school community, who have to respect it. The professional exercise of the personnel and their functions are developed in accordance with current regulations and in accordance with the principles, values, objectives and contents of the EP.