How do we achieve it?

The team of teachers has reflected to specify what actions we carry out to promote each of the three areas.

In the academic sphere, the actions focus on making students be the protagonist of their learning, their progress and their evaluation.


We want students to be able to develop the basic linguistic competences both in the Catalan language and in the Spanish language, in order to be able to communicate efficiently in an oral and written way.

We also want students to acquire at least one foreign language with a basic communicative competence that allows them to express and understand simple messages and communicate with others in everyday situations.

In the mathematical field we provoke curiosity, we propose challenges and we take enough time to investigate and reflect. We encourage students to build their own learning and help them become aware of their progress. We do this in a class environment that favors the exchange of ideas and encourages reflection, where students should not be afraid of risking to make proposals and exposing their way of thinking.

The projects and challenges provide contextualized and interdisciplinary learning situations, promote the construction of knowledge and the relationship between concepts, make learning more transferable and meaningful and therefore more stable in time. We promote students to be creative in their artistic, linguistic and also in the resolution of problems, be they mathematical or everyday life.



The objective of this field is to give students elements to be able to live fully and happily, and so that they can contribute to the welfare of those who surround them, both those who are closest to them and those who, unknown, are the most far away

In the complex world of today, it is essential to work on attitudes and values that contribute to the coexistence, respect for the rights of people and the achievement of living conditions worthy for all. Students, within the framework of an inclusive school, must learn to be competent to live and live in accordance with the values of a democratic society: freedom and personal responsibility, solidarity, respect, equality and equity.


This field promotes in the students the thinking and reasoning skills that are the basis of the system of judgments and values ​​that orient our action as members of society and that ultimately forms a determined attitude of life. These abilities must promote independent and autonomous thinking that can critically contrast the opinions of others, both direct and transmitted by technological and information media, in order to accept or discard them. A thought that must be logical, reasonable, ordered and clear, so that it contributes to the proper understanding of reality and to the formation of an own judgment.

We transform the evaluation model to learn better. Learning involves identifying difficulties and mistakes, understanding what their possible causes and making a decision about how to overcome them. Therefore, it is learned from errors, difficulties or obstacles.

"We have to move from a learning evaluation to an assessment understood as learning"

(Neus Sanmartí)

We seek the regulation of the learning process carried out by the students themselves through which they are constructing a personal system of learning and they are gradually improving with the aim of being more autonomous as apprentices. We invite students to have a lifelong learning attitude. We want students to learn and improve to be satisfied with him or herself, not to satisfy others.

As teachers we are aware that the educational success of our actions will not depend, to a great extent, on the methodologies, resources and materials that we use, but on our attitude and our master or teacher.

For this reason, the cloister has designed a document to highlight the good attitudes that will help us to successfully complete the actions we propose.

We all are TEACHERS of all students at all times.

I always treat students with RESPECT and always watch for respect to be the basis of their relationships. I never overlook a lack of respect, no matter how small.

When I see something out of place, I put a remedy. I am RESPONSIBLE of the good health of my environment. I invite students to be too.

Greetings to who I come across and when I get to a place, I ask for things right and I appreciate everything that is needed. I encourage students to make use of GOOD GUIDELINES OF CONVIVENCE.

I show AFECTUOSA with the students. Take care of my words, the tone of voice and the glances.

I am a good OBSERVER. He did me in the needs of the other and I have a good listening attitude. Act to respond and find solutions.

I face the day with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. I am happy and pleasant to others, providing a relaxed, comfortable and confident classroom climate. I make the students participate in this POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT.

I potentiate the skills and qualities of the students and let them know what they have. I positively value your progress and the reasons to continue improving.

I have contextualized the tasks I propose well. I help students to remember what we have done previously. Explain the NEEDS and UTILITY of the task entrusted.

I am EXIGENT and I convey to the students the value of the EFFORT. I am COMPROMISE with its evolution and I do not go long in the face of its difficulties and needs.

I work at EQUIP, I am part of this project. I actively get involved in what I do and I share with others my work. I make constructive contributions that help us grow.


In this area there are no specific actions that seek the achievement. The school's cloister strives because ALL of the actions that we carry out will ensure the favorable development of this area.