Social coexistence project

Resolution ENS / 585/2017, of March 17, establishing the elaboration and implementation of the Coexistence Project in schools within the framework of the Center Educational Project, makes it clear that living together means living together, share goals and in a good relationship. Coexistence calls for the integral formation of the person and is based on the values ​​of plurality, democratic participation, social inclusion, equality of opportunity, respect for difference, positive management of conflicts and a culture of peace. . Coexistence involves an awareness of one's own identity, which implies acceptance of the other and a sense of belonging and personal contribution to society.

The school is the reflection of society and, at the same time, a privileged space where all citizens acquire knowledge and habits of socialization and relationships with others. One of its basic goals must be to teach and learn to live and live; it must foster coexistence, both inside the school and in its immediate environment.

In order to develop the Center Educational Project on coexistence, the educational centers must have a Coexistence Project that reflects the actions that the educational center takes to train all the students and the rest of the community school for coexistence and positive conflict management. These actions should be aimed at improving coexistence in the classroom, at the center or in the environment, given that the permeability between these three areas of intervention favors the transfer of learning, values, attitudes and habits relational It also covers the mechanisms that the center establishes when resolving conflicts and creating a safe and healthy working and living environment.