What do we want to achieve?

At the moment we decide to renew the Educational Project at school, the first thing we do with the cloister is to decide the center's objectives through thinking about the profile that we want our students to have at the end of schooling at The Primary stage at our educational center.

The debates and proposals of the teaching team lead us to specify this profile. As an educational team, we want our students to develop successfully in the academic, social and emotional and personal fields.

In the academic field we want to emphasize the importance of the processes, the abilities, the strategies and the relations between the learning over the parcelled knowledge of contents.

In the social and emotional field, we want to emphasize respect towards oneself and others, in personal relationships as a source of learning for themselves and in the civic, democratic and tolerant values ​​that must be facilitate participation in our society in a responsible and committed way.

In the personal sphere we want to make them strong in those attitudes of life that will help them to progress successfully in any goal they propose.

So this is our center goal. A goal aimed at encouraging our students to be competent, committed, with indispensable personal and social values ​​and with an attitude of life of continuous learning.

We want the students to be happy in the school, to be emotional to participate in our proposals, to be the protagonists and builders of their own learning network, who strive to be satisfied with their own progress and to acquire values of life that make them choose well, be good and committed.


1. Create a positive school environment that invites you to respect others and the environment and makes us enjoy an enriching coexistence.
2. Consolidate an educational team committed to the project that will lead the necessary changes to guarantee the well-being of the students and their progress in the learning.
3. Share this project with families and accompany them on the educational path of children to consolidate a committed educational community.
4. Encourage students to develop an attitude of learning, improvement and effort throughout their lives.
5. Provide students with social values ​​that allow them to establish relationships based on respect, empathy, solidarity, cooperation and tolerance.
6. To offer students experiences and situations in which they can show initiative and entrepreneurship, and can develop thinking skills that allow them to build critical opinions that impact on the improvement of their learning, their relationships and the environment.
7. Encourage students to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to achieve the basic competences as successfully as possible.