Who are we?

What moves us...

The Tiziana School opened its doors nine years ago in 2010. These first years have been full of enthusiasm and constant work. The effort of all the people that make up the work team has been very important, especially the dedication of the whole pedagogical team. We have made many decisions and have shaped our project.

During these years we have evaluated and evaluated the steps that we have been giving and we have made the necessary modifications to shape an Educational Project that responds to the changing needs of the environment and the dynamism that accompanies the educational fact.

This implies a change. Students are the main characters, as always, of our performances. For this reason, the key question is not what we must do to teach better, but what we must do to make our students learn more and better. Therefore, the learning must be more permanent, more transferable and more productive.

The characteristics of today's students and the society in which they will touch them live and develop as full and involved people, invites us to consider a project where strategies and skills gain ground to content.

We have a short past, but we have a present and a future that excites us and encourages us to do things that are well done, reflected, shared and constantly evaluated to be able to maintain or change them.

We want the students to be happy in the school, to be emotional to participate in our proposals, to be the protagonists and builders of their own learning network, who strive to be satisfied with their own progress and to acquire values of life that make them choose well, be good and committed.

What surrounds us...


The Tiziana school is an educational center of public ownership. It currently has a line for each educational level, bent, exceptionally, in one of the levels of Primary.

In the last courses, the enrollment data has been high with respect to the new students of Infant Education 3 years and there have been new registrations to other courses promoted, in the majority of cases, by changes of domicile. Similarly, the casualties that have been caused lately have also been promoted mainly for this reason.


The students of the Tiziana school come from a stable population with very limited mobility that, in most cases, as mentioned above, is attributed to changes of address. Most of the students in the center reside in Tiana and there is a small group that lives in Montgat, Sant Fost de Campsentelles or Badalona.

The predominant mother tongue of school pupils is Catalan.


Families form a heterogeneous group. Socio-economic and cultural levels are diverse, but we can say that the average is at a medium-high level. The degree of involvement in attendance to the proposed school activities and the degree of collaboration they offer in school requirements is, in most cases, high.


The Tiziana school is located within the municipality of Tiana. Tiana is located in the Marina Range and on the east coast of Catalonia, in the most southern part of the Maresme region. It borders to the north with the neighboring municipalities of Santa Maria de Martorelles and Sant Fost de Campsentelles, to the east with Masnou and Alella, at noon with Montgat, and to the west with Badalona. Tiana has an area of ​​7.90 km², mostly of forest, vineyards and scrubland. This extension of forest and vineyards, as well as the innumerable orchards and nurseries that lodge there, allow the school to promote the discovery of the environment and the knowledge of the environment with activities and direct collaborations.

Tiana has 8446 inhabitants (January 2015), still below the municipalities of its surroundings such as Badalona, ​​Montgat, El Masnou or Alella. The scarcity of declared urbanizable land and the constructive typology of the municipality did not allow the growth of the municipality to be spectacular. This causes Tiana to be a small and family town where educational activities have an important weight in the day to day life of the town.

The jobs in Tiana are reduced and are mainly aimed at services, specifically those related to the satisfaction of the immediate needs of families, such as food. This feature allows students to discover their surroundings with ease, it is usual to have the collaboration of merchants and other services for any activity that they want to develop within the municipality.

The Tiziana school building has an antiquity of about 40 years. Over the years, interventions have been carried out to improve their conservation, although in some cases their state of conservation is improved and efforts must continue to be invested so that the two Administrations in charge will be allocating economic items for remodeling of the building.


Regarding the teaching staff, at the moment, the Tiziana school has a staff of sixteen teachers distributed in the following specialties, although they are 19 the physical people that make up the cloister.

















What made us be like we are...

The school's first Educational Project thought of the student as the protagonist. During these nine years we have not lost sight of it.
These are the nine principles that have made us progress so far as we are now.

• School, teachers and families, who create a pleasant learning environment where students feel motivated, facing the new challenges with interest and enthusiasm, inviting them to develop a positive attitude towards learning.
• School that encourages the autonomy and personal effort of students motivating initiatives and responsibilities that will allow them to live, live together, share and advance.
• A school that helps students estimate themselves and value themselves by creating a positive image of themselves and their classmates, providing them with tools to interpret, channel and transmit their emotions and promote pupils to be reflective and creative from the discovery.
• School that offers space and time for all students to develop their capacities, forming competent people capable of successfully developing their environment.
• School that proposes functional and significant activities for students linked to their immediate environment, using the resources of their generation, participating in the events and enjoying the possibilities offered by the environment.
• School that looks after educational innovation and to adapt to the new social challenges with a management team that promotes coherent and cohesive teamwork, and promotes the evaluation of the center as a tool to improve.
• School that, together with families and the environment, forms an educational community that makes possible the intellectual and human development of students.
• School that transmits values ​​of respect for plurality, tolerance, empathy, attitude of dialogue ... to enjoy a good coexistence, fosters a solidarity and cooperative model incorporating mediation as a positive management tool and fosters social cohesion by offering the opportunities and the stimuli that each student needs. We are all different, this is the condition that equals us.
• School committed to the environment that incorporates environmental criteria and of sustainability when doing each day and that promotes a healthy lifestyle.
Without losing sight of any of these principles, our Educational Project has evolved to respond to the changes that have been accompanying us.

As a teaching team, we reflect annually on what we have to keep, what we have to improve and what we have to do to move forward.