Compilation of the main Organisation and Operation School Rules(NOFC) to boost the daily school organisation.


We show you a compilation of some of the Rules of Organization and Operation Center (NOFC) that regulate the most important aspects to the regulatory and organizational level. This distribution center aims to improve living and ensuring a good way to proceed families, teachers and students on issues listed here.


The family must guarantee and ensure the attendance of students at school every day unless there is force majeure that prevent such a disease. The school will collect data for timely assistance.

Punctuality is very important to enjoy a good climate of coexistence. Families who arrive at school after hours will be set to access the building through the main entrance and chop the bell. Once they have opened the door must sign a concierge delay justified only if the medical visit or service, with the corresponding receipt. It is not allowed to enter the halls or classrooms. Like the absences, the school will collect precise data for the lateness.

  • As you notice the absence at school?

When a student can not come to school, please notify by telephone. Thus, we notify the teacher and, if lunch is usually notify the dining service that may be made to the deduction of the amount.

  • Please justify the absence?

We only accept receipts disease with proof of attendance at a medical consultation or visit to a service. We only collect, and whether you need to communicate, the number of school days in which students were absent.

  • What if there is a high number of absences and / or delays on time?

If the school finds that the number of absences is too high will notify the family. First, that the tutor will notify the family and try to count on your cooperation to improve the situation. If no correction by the family, sent a letter notifying the number of absences and / or delays on time and remember the importance of family support and perseverance. Finally, provided that the teaching team and assess the evolution of the student it may be affected, Social Services sent a communication to the municipality in accordance with the provisions of the Plan absenteeism Maresme.

  • What if you pick up an / a student / in before the departure time?

Please notify the school in advance to anticipate his departure and the concierge can pick up from school. We recommend that you plan concierge will find your child in the classroom when you arrive.


At school we want to strengthen the autonomy and responsibility of students, so we encourage you to share this work with us from home. Students must be responsible progressively manage things must wear to school and take care to prepare them in advance.

If a student leaves home a backpack or material that should bring (homework, books loan, flute, calendar ...) can not bring the family later. The only thing you can take after the entrance of the school is the breakfast and will require that your child will know that door for him / her responsible upload it to look at the concierge .

Remember in school we have everything we need and we can share with everyone. We ask that your children do not bring toys because normally cause conflicts. Need not carry mobile phone so if you need to contact you we will do at school. However, if sometimes carry books or cards that you want to share with colleagues must follow the instructions of the teachers.


If the family finds that a child is sick (fever, vomiting ...) or have some infectious process (capillaries parasites, conjunctivitis ...) in any case the child can bring to school. Please contact the family telephone the school to justify the absence of illness and to alert the teaching staff if there is a process developed contagious.

In the event that a team leader or teacher monitoring detects an / a student is sick (fever, vomiting ...) or have some infectious process (capillaries parasites, conjunctivitis ...) notify by telephone family and ask them to come and collect it as soon as possible.

To inform families about the care or no children at school when suffering from a communicable disease, the Department of Health, through the Office of Surveillance and Emergency Response of Public Health has published recommendations with criteria for non-attendance of students at school or nursery for a period of time due to diseases.

→ Administration of drugs:

As the rule says, in order to administer medication to students who need the parent or guardian / legal to bring a prescription or doctor's report stating the name of the student / a, the pattern and the name you should take the drug. Also, the parent or guardian / a notice must provide a written request and where authorized personnel of the education center that administers the child prescribed medication whenever necessary his administration during school hours .

In case of natural or homeopathic medicine procedure will be the same. Only administered at school if necessary and always come accompanied by a prescription and authorization of guardians.

Only supplied drugs that come in their original packaging and with an instrument that facilitates administration to calculate the dose accurately. The name must match the name of the drug that is prescribed in the prescription.

All medications must be delivered directly to the concierge, the head teacher or any adult school. You have to take the drug in a plastic bag with the authorization and recipe inside, the box should be marked with the name and year. Under no circumstances will the drug in a backpack and student / a will / responsible for guarding it or deliver it to the school staff.


  • Daily Communication: Do I need to do when you know something the teacher or room service (diets interview request, different time collection, collected by someone else ...) notify a note written morning or afternoon. Students will be responsible for delivering these notes to their tutors. Exceptionally, in case of emergency you can call the school to communicate what we needed. If your child has to stay for lunch and not have been foreseen before, must notify the school by telephone before 10.30.
  • Personal Interviews: From the school we want to inform you that, as a general rule, an interview is planned for each student / a during the school year. However, if / tutor / to deem it appropriate, include the family when deemed necessary to keep track of developments in learning. We inform that the families can also make requests for interviews whenever you feel convenient to receive information and you will be taken care of. Recall that the team is also available to answer any questions, complaints or suggestions, please arrange an interview beforehand.
  • Evaluation reports: From P3 to P5 and, two teachers made individual assessment reports. One of them delivered to families in late January and is delivered to the other end of the course. From Primary prepared three reports, one for each quarter. The first delivered to families in late December, the second will be delivered in late March, roughly, and the third is given at the end of the course.

Each family receives a copy of the valuation report of your individual children. Given that information is confidential, the school does not make any extra copy for any family automatically, unless the guardians of the students to tutors specifically request or directly to the management team.

Therefore, families who want to receive two copies of the report in order to meet your organizational needs family, you should ask the tutor your child the extra copy. We ask that you extend this information to all guardians of our students.


A school is only allowed to take photographs of places and students during the festivities that celebrate collectively. Therefore, it is forbidden to enter the premises for the school to take photographs or make from the outside at any time.

Furthermore, we also want to remind you that the photographs taken in collective acts are exclusively domestic or family. It is absolutely forbidden to make any public dissemination of such images by any means such as websites, social networks and other publications.

The right to self-image is recognized in Article 18.1 of the Spanish Constitution and is regulated by the Organic Law 1/1996 of 15 January, Legal Protection of Minors. We do know that if you do not meet any of these assumptions incurred a crime and may proceed to take such action as may be appropriate.


When is the birthday of / student / a, if the family wishes, can be held in the school breakfast inviting colleagues to the classroom. We ask that healthy foods are in any case, avoid preparations with raw egg or cream and, in case of students with allergies, you can only use materials and foods that do not contain allergens to avoid .

For these and other recipes that make the school must be given basic food hygiene rules established by the Catalan Food Safety Agency recommend that you refer to the document "Four rules to prepare food safe. "



In case your child suffers from allergies or recently diagnosed chronic condition that we take into consideration the school, please let us know quickly so you can get all the information requested necessary to be able to offer our students the best possible care. Remember that it is necessary to have a school where full medical report mentions the need to take medication in order to take into account the allergy or the condition and to act correctly in case needed.